Chinese 5

ICL2P1002smCourse Objectives

  • Revisit and enhance four language skills learned from previous Chinese studies in the contexts of: Dating, Renting an Apartment, Sports, Travel, and At the Airport,
  • Develop and extend four communicative skills in the contexts of First Day of School, Dormitory, At the Restaurant, Shopping Talk and Selecting Courses.
  • Develop proficient and deeper conversational skills by understanding and using idioms and authentic phrases (Chinese Sayings)
  • Culture and Conversation projects
  • Acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through authentic media, publications or interactions with Chinese communities.
  • Identify, analyze and discuss cultural perspectives as reflected in literary genres, products and practices on a wide range of cultural and social topics such as women’s roles, economic/social change, one-child policy, or education system.