See below for a list of all classes at CCHS with summer assignments.

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Course Description Dept Assignment Teacher Additional Instructions
424 CP1 Geometry Math Assignment

Ms. Fortunato

Mr. Atlas

Ms. Cohane

425 Honors Geometry Math Assignment

Ms. Kiesselbach

Ms. McNeight

434 CP1 Algebra 2 Math Assignment

Mr. Olsen

Ms. Kennedy

435 Honors Algebra 2 Math Assignment

Mr. Atlas

Ms. Reese

John Yered

Password for text is "math".

444 CP1 Precalculus Math Assignment

Mr. Yered

Ms. Gaffney

446 Honors Precalculus Math Assignment

Ms. Kennedy

Ms. McNeight

455 AB Calculus Math Assignment


Mr. Yered

Mr. Bookis

456 BC Calculus Math Contains assignment, solutions, and text scan

Mr. Atlas

There are ten review assignments. Do one a night for the ten days before school starts.

519 AP Environmental Science Science Assignment

Ms. Yousha

Mr. Goldberg

525 AP Biology Science Assignment

Ms. Benson

547 AP1 Physics Science AP Physics Summer Work Description

Mr. Pennucci

Ms. Picard

615 Seminar Jr (AP) Learning Commons Assignment

Recommended Summer Reading

Dr. Cicchetti

809 Advanced 2D Art Art Assignment

Mr. Pickman

810 AP Studio Art (Full Year) Art Assignment

Mr. Pickman