Summer Homework for Next Year’s Class:

Check out the Summer Work Assignments for each class you take in the fall.  


Click on the Assignment link(s) for any course to see or download the assignment.


Click on the Teacher‘s name to email the teacher.  The teacher whose name appears coordinates the Summer Homework page.  Go ahead and email them, even if it isn’t your assigned teacher for that class!

Course Description Dept Assignment Teacher Additional Instructions
417 Honors Geometry Math Sign Up Instructions

Ms. Kiesselbach

Mr. Marshall

Mr. Saulnier

Welcome to Honors Geometry - we're looking forward to an awesome year with you! We'd love for you to come in with all your algebra skills refreshed and sharp! Please see the attached instruction sheet to sign up for the DeltaMath assignment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email!

424 Enriched Geometry Math Assignment

Ms. McNeight

Ms. Cohane

434 Enriched Algebra 2 Math Assignment

Sarah Khan

Stephanie Omobono

Please complete the work on this assignment by August 31. You may email Mrs. Khan or Mrs. Omobono if you are having technical difficulties.

435 Enriched Precalculus Math Assignment

Ms. Gaffney

Ms. Fortunato

Mr. Marshall

435 Honors Algebra 2 Math Assignment


Mr. Olsen

Mr. Yered

Attached is a pdf of Chapter 1 from the textbook including step by step solutions. This assignment is NOT meant to be done in the middle of the summer. Rather it should be done as a review iin later August in the days leading up to the first day of class. The text for the Chapter 2 and 3 material will be posted on google classroom in late August.

437 Honors Precalculus Math Assignment

Jeryl Kennedy

John Bookis

Honors Precalculus students should use the link to access the summer assignment. Students can either print the summer homework worksheet or do the problems on separate paper. Be sure to check your solutions with the answer key that is attached at the end of the worksheet. Directions are given at the beginning of the worksheet. Students should have the assignment completed and ready to submit on the first day of class.

443 Intro to Calculus Math Assignment

Mr. Marshall

Ms. Haupt

Please select the link to the DeltaMath Summer Refresher - be sure to log in with your email address! It's important to enjoy your summer and take a break from school. As such, this assignment should be completed during the last week of Summer. The Summer assignment will be fully updated by the end of exam week (June 16, 2022).

445 Enriched Calculus Math Assignment


Ms. Kennedy

Ms. Gaffney

450 AP Statistics Math Google Classroom

Mark Krans

Mike Parato

The assignment link will bring you to an invite to the AP Statistics Google Classroom (2022). Once there, select the Classwork tab. You will find Tasks to do and Calculator Directions to familiarize yourself common calculator functions.

453 AP Statistics Math Assignment

Mike Parato

Mark Krans

455 AP Calculus AB Math Assignment

Sarah Khan

Stephanie Omobono

Please complete the Delta Math work that is linked in the assignment by August 31, 2022!

456 AP Calculus BC Math Assignment

Mr. Yered

Additional information and materials will be posted to google classroom.

519 AP Environmental Science Science Assignment

Mr. Fall

Mr. Goldberg

525 AP Biology Science Assignment

Jennifer Benson

Please see your email for an invitation to the AP Biology Google Classroom. The Summer Homework assignment details are there, as well as where you can turn them in. other information for our course is also in our google classroom. Have a great summer and see you on the first day of school! 🙂 Ms. Benson

535 AP Chemistry Science Course Expectations

Ms. McCaffrey-Clark

Students enrolled in AP Chemistry will receive an email as soon as class lists are made available. Students may choose to check out a textbook before the school year ends or use the online textbook. The summer work will be communicated through email and Google Classroom. Any student with questions should reach out to Ms. MC.

544 AP Physics C Science Assignment

Alexandra Kuchar

Please see your email for an invitation to the AP Physics C Google Classroom. The Summer Homework assignment information can be found there.

735 Advanced 2D Art Art Assignment

Joseph Pickman

739 AP Studio Art Art Assignment

Joseph Pickman