Principal's Message

"Perhaps no time in the past half-century has a commitment to service been more important.  CCHS students' commitment to service is one load-bearing pillar that our school rests on.  I applaud the efforts of our students.  Their contribution to a cause near and dear to their hearts has undoubtedly left a lasting impact thanks to their time, effort, energy, and enthusiasm.  Further, I want to thank all the parents and community members, particularly the individuals associated with 2Volunteer."

Community Service Objectives

The objective of volunteerism and community service while at CCHS is to develop and instill a lifelong commitment to and responsibility for the needs and welfare of others and society as a whole. This commitment is its own reward. However, it is important that individual students and their peers appreciate the extraordinary efforts that many students make towards this responsibility of giving back. For this reason, there are many organizations within the communities of Concord and Carlisle who annually recognize individual students for various reasons. While the requirement for graduation from CCHS is 40 hours of service in 4 years, many students devote considerably more time, and it is important that students document and record this time, so that appropriate recognitions can be made. Below are some of the community service awards given annually.

President’s Volunteer Service Awards

This Award is given by the Points of Light Foundation in response to President George H.W. Bush's call to action in 1992, in order to recognize the best in American spirit and to encourage all Americans to improve their communities through volunteer service and civic participation.

These Awards are divided into two age categories. CCHS students can apply for either a Teen Award for service completed before turning 16 or a Young Adult Award for service completed after age 16. Students are eligible for consideration for the Teen award if they have demonstrated outstanding volunteer service over the course of any consecutive 12-month period, in 3 categories: Bronze for 50-75 hours of service in a 12-month period, Silver for 75-100 hours, and Gold for 100 or more hours. Students are eligible for consideration for the Young Adult Award for service of 100-175 hours (Bronze), 175-250 hours (Silver), and over 250 hours (Gold), respectively. Note that the important distinction between Teen and Young Adult awards is when the service was completed. Students whose service crosses the age boundary should apply for the Young Adult Award and use the corresponding requirements. This award is a self-nominating process. Questions about the Award should be directed to 2Volunteer by the student. All service must be documented and verifiable. The student must fill out the reflection portion of this application.

The 2Volunteer Committee is the designated certifying organization and uses the following criteria in choosing recipients:

  • The impact the service has on others
  • How it may affect your personal growth and life choices
  • How it benefits the community both inside and outside of CCHS
  • Hours must be done for a non-profit organization

Apply online by April 15 or September 30 to be eligible for consideration for this award. September 30 applicants will be notified by October 15 to facilitate inclusion in college applications.

Please note that applicants are responsible for monitoring their CCHS email accounts for any notification and/or questions from 2Volunteer about their applications. A student is eligible for a TEEN award if the service is performed prior to the age of 16.

⟩ Enter your President's Volunteer Service Award application

FAQs about the President’s Volunteer Service Award

Does the 12-month period have to begin in January and run through December? No, the service can be performed in any part of a calendar year and does not have to be performed monthly.

Do I have to have 50 (for Teen) or 100 (for Young Adult) hours? Yes, that is the minimum requirement to receive an Award.

How will the service be verified? You will need a contact name for each place you perform community service.

Do I have to do all my community service at the same place? No, definitely not. At 2Volunteer, we feel that there can be more meaningful experiences by interacting with many agencies and communities and experiencing different volunteer opportunities.

If I miss the September 30 or April 15 deadline, will I still be eligible? If you miss the September deadline, your application will be processed with the March applications. If you miss the March deadline, your application will be processed with the following September applications.

Is any CCHS student eligible? Yes, any student in any grade may be nominated.

Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Annual Service Awards

Given by the Chest to a few students who have demonstrated initiative and commitment to a volunteer project within the area of human services. The recipients are selected by the Community Chest Board of Directors. Available to all students at CCHS, and given at Class Act Awards Night. Each agency will be responsible for submitting their nomination for this award to the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest.

Class Act Awards, by Rotary Club International

Gives scholarships and awards to students who best exemplify the Rotary values of integrity, character, leadership, and service above self. As the parent organization of the Interact Club at CCHS, it is a group dedicated to community service locally and abroad.

CCHS Community Service Award Certificates

Awarded to students who have earned 100 or more hours of community service during their years at CCHS. Available to seniors at CCHS.

Global Award for Service Learning

Awarded to Awarded to the CCHS student who has completed the most hours of service working with a culture different from his or her own. The award is designed to foster students' global awareness, necessary for participation in and contribution to, an increasingly global society.

Concord Recreation Department Maureen Taggert Award

Awarded to a student who best exemplifies an outstanding commitment to community service. The Recreation Department selects the recipient.


The National Education for Assistance Dog Services trains service dogs to help individuals with disabilities, and is interested in service in general to the disabled. The Award is given to a member of the junior or senior class who has demonstrated exemplary community service in the area of working with individuals with disabilities.