Course Expectations


The Health and Fitness Department is committed to creating a respectful environment in which all students can succeed and work together as they learn to value and enjoy the benefits of overall wellness. We are also committed to helping students understand and demonstrate healthy decision making skills as well as the responsibility they share as individuals, family, and community members to act in ways that enhance their physical, social, emotional and intellectual well being.

GRADING: Letter grades (A-B-C-D-F) are given for all classes.

Common Grading Criteria:
1. Satisfactory attendance

2. Satisfactory participation in physical activities, including fitness assessments 3. Passing grades on quizzes, tests and written assignments
4. Maintains respectful environment (i.e., treats others with respect)

Each Health and Fitness teacher will identify specific Grading Criteria.

1) ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to be on time and attend all class meetings even if they are not able to participate. Excused absences will result in make-ups at the discretion of each individual teacher. One unexcused absence (see below) will result in loss of points and class make-ups. Two or more unexcused absences within a quarter may result in a failing grade. Students are then required to complete an additional quarter of Health and Fitness.

  • On Time: Students are expected to be in the locker room or classroom by the second bell. For activity classes, students must change their clothes and be in the designated attendance area no later than 6 minutes after the second bell. Students, who arrive late without a pass, will be given a warning. A second tardy will result in a loss of points toward their grade.
  • Excused Absences: Absences from school as a result of illness, doctor’s appointment, family vacations, field trips, etc... Excused Absences must be excused by parents through the attendance office.
  • Nurses Office: Absences as a result of becoming ill or injured while at school are considered excused absences and must be confirmed in writing by the nurse with an “in” and “out” time. Students are expected to check in for attendance with their teacher BEFORE GOING TO THE NURSES OFFICE.
  • Unexcused Absences: Absences which are not excused by a parent, the school or a medical professional, as reported in Aspen/X2. An automated communication from Aspen/X2 will be sent to parents in the event that their student receives an unexcused absence. PLEASE CHECK ASPEN/X2 AND CORRECT ANY INACCURACIES IN A TIMELY MANNER!
  • Medical Excuse/Waiver: Occasionally students are unable to participate as a result of long- term or chronic illness or injury (e.g., mono, broken leg, surgery). Medical excuses may be confirmed in writing by a parent for the first week. Medical excuses that extend beyond a week must be confirmed in writing by a medical professional. Students are still required to attend Health and Fitness class even if they are physically unable to participate in class activities. If a student’s medical condition prevents them from participating in class for half the quarter, they will be medically waived from the activity portion of the class. All medically waived students are still responsible for all written work and class assignments.

    Students who do not participate in their Health & Fitness activity class may not participate in an athletic practice or competition or a school sponsored fitness-related activity (e.g., Dance Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club) on the same day.

2) PARTICIPATION: Students are expected to participate in all activities and fitness assessments. In order to do so, they must wear clothing that is appropriate for the planned activity whether it takes place inside or outside (i.e., shorts, running pants, t-shirt, sweat shirt, socks and athletic shoes). STUDENTS MUST CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES. THEY MAY NOT WEAR THE CLOTHING THEY WORE TO SCHOOL OR WILL WEAR DURING SCHOOL TO THEIR H&F CLASS. This is not hygienically sound nor does it allow for freedom of movement or safety within the class. Failure to wear appropriate clothing will result in a loss of points toward their grade. Some points, however, may be regained by completing a class make-up (see below). Clothing considered disruptive to the educational environment will not be permitted. Sports uniforms distributed by the CCHS Athletic Department are also not permitted.

3) QUIZZES AND TESTS: Written quizzes and tests are given to check for understanding of fitness concepts, game rules and strategy. Students are expected to pass all quizzes and tests.

4) RESPECTFUL ENVIRONMENT: Students are expected to conduct themselves so as to maintain a respectful environment in which all students feel welcome and encouraged to participate. Students’ language should be positive and respectful (i.e., no swear words or negative comments). Students’ actions should be respectful and inclusive of all students, regardless of ability level.


  • Lockers: All students will be assigned a locker and issued a combination lock. The lock must be

    used only on their assigned H&F locker (i.e., they are not permitted to move their H&F lock to another locker, such as a team room locker). Students will return the lock at the end of the school year. Failure to return the lock you were issued will result in a $10 replacement fee.

    Students should be aware that there have been many thefts in the locker room in the past. While the Health & Fitness Department strives to secure the locker rooms, students must assume that if they have not locked their belongings in their locker, they might be stolen. We strongly urge students to lock up their belongings at all times.

  • Class Make-ups: Students may regain participation points toward their grade by completing a class making-up in the Fitness Center during its hours of operation (Monday-Friday 2:15-3:30). Students must exercise for at least 45 minutes, record their workout on the class make-up sheet, and have the sheet signed by the Fitness Center supervisor. The class make-up sheet is available in the Fitness Center binder.
  • Fitness Center Hours: The Fitness Center is open from 2:15-3:30 on Monday – Friday.