How can my student improve his/her grade in your class?

See the suggestions on the Parent's page. Read through the Tips for doing well. Doing independent work every day is the best way to improve. Many students do the minimum amount of work and need to work on the quality of their efforts. Often, the amount and quality of work that helped a student to "get by" in earlier science courses no longer provides adequate preparation for the type of tests encountered in chemistry.Taking the time to get one-one instruction, either to go over old tests and/or to get additional help on problem solving will generally boost the students confidence and help them to improve their approach to the class.

Should my student take the SAT Subject Test in Chemistry?
(for more info on SATII: go to http://www.collegeboard.com/).

If your student is a Junior enrolled in AP Chemistry the answer is simply yes (the first Saturday in June).

If your student is a Sophomore or a Junior enrolled in Honors Chemistry they may consider taking the SATII Chem on the first Saturday in June.Some things to consider: How well are they doing in Honors Chem, What are they thinking about studying in college, What colleges are they likely to be interested in?

Students enrolled in Enriched or CP Chemistry may want to talk to their instructor, but their courses are not geared toward covering the breadth of material tested by the SAT Subject Test.

There is a review course offered through Adult and Community Education that helps students to prepare. The course usually runs in April-May-beginning of June and is geared toward the students taking the test on the first Saturday of June.

What course should my student take next year?

The program of studies provides some good information on all of the options, but here are a few general considerations.

In my opinion and the opinion of many others, all students can gain a great deal from taking physics.

Any junior enrolled in chemistry, should strongly consider taking physics as a senior. If they have a strong passion for the sciences and have done well, they could consider doubling up with an additional science course (AP courses or other electives when they are offered).

AP science courses are designed to provide preparation for taking the AP test and are geared toward high achieving students with a high interest in the sciences. A sophomore taking Honors Chemistry, could consider taking an AP course as a junior and taking physics as a senior or taking physics as a junior and taking an AP course or other elective as a senior.

In the spring, I spend time talking with students before I sign off on their science course selections. We discuss their progress in chemistry, the types of challenges and demands of the courses they are considering as well as their long and short term goals. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at this time.