Medical Excuses for Sports and Gym Policy

A parent or guardian may request that a student not participate in physical education activities for two consecutive gym classes due to some minor ailment or injury. A student who is 18 years of age may also make this request. THE STUDENT WILL STILL BE EXPECTED TO ATTEND CLASS UNLESS A REQUEST NOT TO ATTEND CLASS IS MADE BY A PARENT. In this instance, the student will be temporarily reassigned by the physical education teacher.

A written note from a physician is required to be excused from more than two consecutive gym classes. This note must state the reason for the excuse and the duration of the excuse. Excuses should be delivered to the school nurse. The school nurse will then process a Physical Activity Medical Excuse and send a copy to the appropriate gym teacher. THE STUDENT WILL BE EXPECTED TO REPORT TO THE CLASS UNLESS REASSIGNED BY HIS/HER GUIDANCE COUNSELOR.