Global Leadership Summit

Event Details

Students will travel to Peru to attend a Global Leadership Summit.

These students distinguished themselves by doing service learning with cultures different from their own and by challenging themselves in using a language other than their native or dominant language. They are recipients of the CCHS Global Literacy Certificate, a recognition awarded to students who have demonstrated that they think globally, have an appreciation for cross-cultural understanding and think about issues from a global perspective. In addition, they communicate effectively by improving their world language skills and, hence, improving their ability to communicate with people across cultural and language divides. They also contribute responsibly by using their global knowledge to interact and build relationships with people from other cultures; they demonstrate respect, open-mindedness and help others to embrace multiple perspectives.  At the Peru Summit Leadership Conference, students and teachers will participate ineducational tours and a leadership conference. They will hear from world-renowned speakers, attend expert-led workshops and gain valuable insight into global citizenship in our increasingly interconnected world.  Using Design Thinking, international teams of students will create and present solutions to pressing global challenges. They will experience Peru through the lens of global citizenship and modern innovation.