Parent Ads & Business Ads

Show your support for your child & the yearbook by purchasing an ad! Seniors look forward to finding the ads their parent, grandparent, or friends placed. They can be silly, loving, or embarrassing!

Early Bird Pricing - Save 10% if you buy your ad before Monday November 30, 2019

Final Deadline: January 4, 2020 - first day back after break

But don't wait until the last minute! Get it in and off your mind before the holidays start.

Information and Pricing Details: 2021 Family Yearbook Ads


How to Create and Purchase One:

Ads can be purchased and easily designed online! Just go to & enter code 13177 -- this is the preferred and simpler way to purchase an ad!

If you would like to create your own ad, using something OTHER than the templates available at the Yearbook Order Center, please send complete pictures and content for parent ads to (note the 3 s’s) and drop off a check made out CCHS Yearbook. Ads emailed to this address, when uploaded, will receive a confirmation. Please give us  a week or so to confirm.