Global Competence Certificate Program Requirements

Process for Earning the GCC

  • Students can apply for recognition as GCC recipients in their Junior or Senior year. (Applications are due by March 1st.)
  • Students must be in good academic standing and have a strong attendance record.
  • Students must model the core values of CCHS.
  • Students will have successfully completed 3 years of study of a world language at CCHS or can demonstrate proficiency in another language.
  • Students will read and discuss a book that deals with global issues with the teacher and other applicants for the GCC.
  • For a minimum of 20 hours, students will challenge themselves to connect and interact directly with a culture different from the one with which they personally identify. This can be accomplished either  by volunteering domestically or internationally.
  • Students will complete at least 2 of the following:

-Participation in an educational or exchange travel opportunity

-Participation in volunteering opportunities/service trips

-Enrollment in Service Learning that includes a culture other than their own

-Attendance or participation at multiple events to expose yourself to other cultures

-Creation of an independent experience or internship that focuses on global activities or service-related topics

Application Requirements

  • Upon completing the above process, students will write a 500 word reflection on their experience focusing on the overall impact the learning and exploring of a new culture had on them as well as how this endeavor changed their global perspective.
  • This reflection will be adapted into a digital presentation which will be presented to the CCHS community and other students who are interested in applying for the certificate. Students will schedule this presentation with either of the GCC Program Advisors.
  • In addition, each student will be measured on their own merit and ability to demonstrate, through their words and actions, why they should be recognized with the GCC.