Global Competence Certificate Program Requirements

Process for Earning the GCC

-Attend an informational meeting or meet individually with the GCC Club Advisor(s).

-Attend regularly scheduled meetings with the Club Advisor(s) at CCHS. 

-Participate in volunteering opportunities/service trips that allow the student to engage in multicultural learning.

-Demonstrate completion of 30 hours of volunteer service.

-Upon completion of above requirements, students will prepare an oral presentation and a written reflection.

Presentation and Reflection Requirements

  • Upon completing the above process, students will write a 500 word reflection on their experience focusing on the overall impact the learning and exploring of a new culture had on them as well as how this endeavor changed their global perspective.
  • This reflection will be adapted into a digital presentation which will be presented to the CCHS community and other students who are interested in applying for the certificate. Students will schedule this presentation with either of the GCC Program Advisors.
  • In addition, each student will be measured on their own merit and ability to demonstrate, through their words and actions, why they should be recognized with the GCC.