Global Competence Certificate Program


Emma's drawing

The Concord-Carlisle High School Global Competence Certificate(GCC) aims to foster students’ global awareness and empower them to identify their role as global citizens while gaining an appreciation for other world cultures, viewpoints, and perspectives. Exploring new cultures provides CCHS graduates with the essential skills for participating in and contributing to, an increasingly globalized society. Students who wish to receive this recognition must demonstrate that they can:  

• Think globally: have an increased knowledge of their relationship to the world; think about issues from a global perspective; gain an appreciation for other world cultures, viewpoints, and perspectives.

• Communicate effectively: improve their foreign language skills and their ability to communicate with people across cultural and language divides.

• Contribute responsibly: use their global knowledge to interact and build relationships with people from other cultures; demonstrate respect, open-mindedness, understanding and flexibility in behavior and thinking; help others to embrace multiple perspectives.

Please contact Ms. Becky Teiwes ( or Ms. Rachel Washa ( by email or stop by the World Language Department in 307 for more information.