Linguistic and cultural exchanges and other Educational Travel

The World Languages Department offers regular educational trips and /or exchanges to students currently enrolled in Chinese, French, Latin, and Spanish.


Every other year, current students of Chinese may participate in a 12-day exchange program/cultural trip to China. The exchange is between the teachers and students of Concord Carlisle High School and Changhe High School in Hangzhou, China. Besides the exchange program, students will also visit three major Chinese cities, Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai. Click here for more information


Every other year, trips or exchanges to France are offered to students enrolled in French. CCHS students host their francophone guests before partaking in a 2 week-long, activity-filled stay in Versailles and Paris.  We also offer educational trips to Montréal and Québec in June.  Click here for more information.


Every year, current students of Spanish may participate in a reciprocal, two-week educational exchange between the teachers and students of Concord Carlisle High School and Ludoteca High School, a private school in Quito, Ecuador. Click here for more information.


Every other year, Latin students are invited to participate in a 7-day intensive field trip exploring Roman sites in Pompeii, Naples, Capri and Rome.  Click here for more information.