Work Permits over the summer:

Summer/Vacation hours:  Due to reduced staff and flexible hours over the summer, it is required that you call or email ahead to ensure that someone is available for when you plan on arriving.

Keep in mind, If the office is not available when you would like, permits can be issued from any high school with original documentation of birth, such as a birth certificate or passport.

Contact Ms. Sheahan (Until June 28)
Phone: 978-341-2937 email:

For Summer/Vacation contact:
Ms. McElroy
Phone: 978-341-2937, email:
Ms. Tessari
Phone: 978-341-2950, email:

Procedure and forms
Step 1:
Obtain a job offer from an employer.  Have them complete (and sign) the Promise of Employment form (parent/guardian must sign this form)

Step 2: Fill out the Employment Permit Application which is available at or in the CCHS  Main Office.

Step 3: Students between the ages of 14-15 need to have the application signed by the Doctor’s office where the minor had a physical within the last year. We cannot accept a copy of a physical; the work permit form has to be signed by a physician according to State Law.