See below for a list of all classes at CCHS with summer assignments. Click on the assignment link for any course to see or download the assignment.  Click on the teacher’s name to email the teacher.

CourseDescriptionDeptAssignmentTeacherAdditional Instructions
424CP1 GeometryMath AssignmentMs. Eynatian

Ms. Fortunato

Ms. Monroe
Strong Algebra 1 skills are necessary to be successful in both Honors and CP1 Geometry. This packet will enable you to practice your Middle School Algebra skills over the summer. There will be a quiz on these topics the second day of High School. These are topics that you should have mastery of in order to be successful in CP1 Geometry.
425Honors GeometryMathAssignmentMs. Trotta

Ms. Kiesselbach
On the second day after school starts, there will be a non-calculator quiz on the summer material
434CP1 Algebra 2MathAssignmentMr. Bookis

Ms. Eynatian

Mrs. Gaffney

Mr. Lonergan
Please see the top of the assignment for instructions.
435Honors Algebra 2MathAssignment

Mr. Atlas

Mr. Beckwith
444CP1 PrecalculusMathAssignmentMr. Yered

Ms. Haupt

Ms. Kiesselbach
This assignment need not be started until the day before class; It is review and is intended to take 1-2 hours.
446Honors PrecalculusMathAssignmentMs. Trotta

Ms. Kennedy
On the second day after school starts, there will be a non-calculator quiz on the summer material
455AB CalculusMathAssignment

Mr. Yered

Mr. Bookis
This is actually not a summer assignment. Attached are handouts on notation and textbook assignments on precalculus review. Both contain information that a student is expected to already know prior to entering AP Calculus. As such these assignments will likely not take a large amount of time. It is suggested that you not begin them prior to September 1st. Please review and memorize the notation sheets. Also complete assignments 1A-1E. They are due in class on September 3rd.

Attached summer assignment is from the text: Calculus:Graphical,Numerical,Algebraic, Finney,Demana,Waits,Kennedy.
456BC CalculusMathAssignmentMr. AtlasPlease do assignment at the END of the summer. My congratulations to all the nonprocrastinators among you, but for this, procrastination is a good thing. The point is to reactivate your existing knowledge just before you come to school so that we can hit the ground running. There are ten assignments. Start ten days before school. If you are transferring in to the school, sign out a text book from Ms Tracey in the Guidance Department so that you can do these problems.
525AP BiologyScienceAssignmentMs. MurphyRead and take notes on Chapters 2-6 in Biology Textbook to review prerequisite topics for the class. Additionally, read book related to biology chosen from list or approved by instructor and write 1-2 page review. Post review on class web site.
615Seminar Capstone APLearning CommonsAssignment

Dr. CicchettiWhen class meets in September we will begin with an in-class essay using a prompt that will require you to reflect on your reading and generate an opinion that you will present to the class. The lenses organizers will help you with the writing, so don’t lose them! You may take additional notes as well.
809Advanced ArtArtAssignmentMr. Pickman
810AP Honors Art ArtAssignmentMr. Pickman