The Ruettgers Enrichment Program

The Ruettgers enrichment program was founded in 1999 by Maureen and Michael Ruettgers.  They felt strongly that their children had flourished at CCHS specifically because of the caliber of the faculty and the degree to which each of their three kids had been inspired in their respective classrooms.

Ruettgers Opporunities:

The Ruettgers Seminars:

A member of the CCHS faculty offers one seminar each semester on a subject not covered in the traditional CCHS curriculum.  The course meets for twelve 90-minute classes outside of the school day, and students whose applications are accepted earn 2.5 credits for attendance.   


The Ruettgers Lectures:

Throughout the school year, CCHS faculty and staff present one-hour lectures on topics about which they are passionate. Lectures take place after school, and all members of the CCHS, Concord, Carlisle, and Boston communities are welcome to attend.