Environmental Science


Environmental Science is a critical study on how we are doing as a society and how the population will need to change if we want to be sustainable - the theme of the course.  This engaging semester develops the student’s knowledge and skills to better understand today’s environmental issues.  Core environmental topics are covered including climate change, resource depletion, and energy. Class time will be devoted to lectures, guest speakers, analysis of energy information, research, hands-on activities and filming in the CCTV Studio. Textbook and Internet resources support the coursework along with a focus on local issues. Students gain an understanding of their role in climate change by conducting a home energy analysis with thermal imaging camera and calculating their household carbon footprints. Students form teams and develop ideas that will help green the student and faculty culture of the new high school building.  Students acquire an understanding of what it means for our society to “live beyond our means” through the course’s investigations, selected readings, and films.  An emphasis is placed on students critical thinking and analytical skills to make a positive impact on the environment for themselves, their communities, our country and the planet.  Students present “green minutes” filmed in the studio of CCTV offering current green advice on living more sustainably.  The best are aired as public service announcements.  Evaluation is based on homework, class participation, reports, quarter projects, tests, and “Green Minute” presentations.