College Prep Biology


I am not teaching this course in 2021-22.


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Introductory Biology Homework Calendar

Introductory Handouts, Year-Long Reference Handouts, Midterm and Final Review Sheets

Introductory Biology Links Look here for web resources for specific assignments and general reference.

Each Unit link below leads to an online folder containing:

  1. A Unit Sheet (titled Unit X CP 1415 Class Blocks) with detailed homework calendar
  2. Labs for the unit
  3. A blank class notes packet for the unit
  4. Additional worksheets and handouts for the unit

While every effort is made to keep these up to date, there may be some handouts provided in class that are not stored in the online folder.

Unit 1 Handouts

Unit 2 Handouts

Unit 3 Handouts

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Unit 5 Handouts

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