Unit 10: Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal (1968-1974)

Richard Nixon came to power at the height of the Vietnam War and the related protests. He promised to end the war and listen to the "silent majority" who just wanted to turbulent 1960s to end. While Nixon worked on opening relations with China and making reforms at home, the war dragged on. Two reporters at the Washington Post were also investigating a break in at the Watergate Hotel and began to uncover a scandal and cover-up going all the way to the president. As evidence began to unfold and his accomplices fell, Nixon decided to resign rather than face impeachment. Richard Nixon was the only president to resign the office, and the cynicism and distrust that Americans felt for the government after the Watergate scandal has never been fully ameliorated.

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Extra resources:

Obama Should Follow Nixon's Example in Vietnam
NY Times (6/25/11)

American Experience: The Presidents - Richard Nixon

Frost, Nixon, and Me
Smithsonian Magazine (1/2009)

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