Unit 5: Memory

You remember an incredible amount of information every day - your phone number, how to get to your best friend's house, your first grade teacher's name, the math lesson you learned yesterday, and all the information you've studied for your upcoming mid-year exams.  How do you acquire information, store it, and later retrieve it?  That is what we will explore in the memory unit.  We will look at the basic processes of short and long term memory, including strategies for remembering information.  It is also important to learn about not only how we remember information, but also how we forget it.  How long can we remember information?  What types are remembered best?  Also, how reliable are our memories?  The answers may surprise you, and we'll have fun with lots of memory demonstrations along the way.



Homework/review guide:

Eyewitness Testimony assignment

Extra resources:

A Memorable Flight
What do people remember when their plan almost crashes into the ocean?


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