Visions of the Future

Prerequisites: Successful completion of seven semesters of English

 This is a literature-based course that exposes students to a diverse selection of “visions of the future” through a variety of fictional works, including short stories, novels, and films. This course takes a close and timely look at the ways in which the choices we make now, the lifestyles we pursue today, and the plans we make for the future will have consequences. Students read/view and analyze these works using skills they have developed in previous English classes, examining both the purposes and messages behind them and the differing ways in which authors fulfill these purposes and express these messages. The course involves reading, analytical and creative writing, and project-based learning. Works may include those by George Orwell, Margaret Atwood, Cormac McCarthy, and William Golding, among others.

Evaluation is based on class discussion, quizzes, tests, oral work, essays, independent projects, and a final assessment.