Senior English Honors (151)

Senior Honors English assumes that students have a scholarly interest in literature and have the time and motivation to complete extensive reading and writing assignments. Honors students are sophisticated readers who make inferences, draw connections, and comprehend and appreciate texts with advanced vocabulary and structure; they should also be comfortable with and interested in pre-20th-century texts. Students are excellent expository and narrative writers who can use grammar, mechanics, spelling and sentence/paragraph structure correctly.

AP Literature and Composition
While Senior Honors is not explicitly designed to prepare students to take the English Literature and Composition Advanced Placement Test, it does cover much of the material the AP course.  Seniors who have consistently earned grades in the A range in English, including Senior Honors, are encouraged to consider taking the English Literature and Composition AP test.


If interested, students should go to the AP website for more information about the specifics of the test:

Evaluation is based on class participation, quizzes, tests, projects, written compositions, recitation, and a final exam.

See advanced skills, sample reading and sample writing in the menu on left.

If a student is new to CCHS, the department also strongly recommends that he or she complete the following self-evaluation assessments: