Rhetoric and Advanced Language (162)

For students in grade 11
Prerequisites: a B- or higher in Junior English 141 (H) or teacher recommendation.

The course focuses on effective and persuasive writing and speaking; the students of Rhetoric learn the methods and patterns of clear organization, the function of detail, and the rhetorical quality of words and sentences. Students learn to use grammar and punctuation as an element of style; they examine professional essays for the function of voice and develop their own writing voice through imitation and creation. Students may also practice synthesizing critical information with documents-based essay writing. Students practice the art of public speaking through activities such as writing and giving speeches or through the basic forensics of formal debate.

AP English Language and Composition
While Rhetoric is not explicitly designed to prepare students to take the English Language and Composition Advanced Placement Test, it does cover much of the material in the AP course.   Juniors who have consistently earned grades in the A range in English and are enrolled in Rhetoric are encouraged to consider taking the English Language and Composition AP test.

If interested, they should go to the AP website for more information about the specifics of the test:¬†¬

Evaluation:  Evaluation is based on contribution to class discussion, written assignments, quizzes, tests, projects and presentations, and a semester examination.

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