Creative Writing (156)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of seven semesters of English
This course is designed to offer all students the opportunity to write original poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, and/or drama. Students read literature and engage in the writing process through teacher prompts, using their creative voices as well as analytical skills acquired in earlier courses. Students are expected to write daily, to read for class, to edit and revise pieces over the course of the semester, and to participate in peer editing classmates’ work. Since reading is integral to writing, students will read and respond to a variety of both assigned and independently selected literature with the purpose of learning about writing from the masters. Over the course of the semester, students work toward the goal of producing a coherent body of creative writing bound by a common thread, which may include work in different genres, and which involves drafting and revision as part of the process. Skills developed in this course may include proficiency in writing various poetic; proficiency in identifying the qualities of exemplary writing in published work prose and dramatic forms; and, ability to use various literary devices effectively.
Evaluation is based on participation in-group assignments, on the quality of work produced, and on demonstrated ability to revise creative pieces through several stages of development. The assessment also considers self-reflections on this process, the quality of the student’s portfolio, and an oral presentation of selected work.