Advanced Earth Science – Geology

Welcome to the CCHS Advanced Earth Science – Geology Web-Site, taught by Mr. Pavlik. This is a resource for students and parents. Here you can find links to documents, presentations, assignments, and other class resources.

The objective of this course is to give students an understanding of the complexity of forces that have shaped the world around them. This course will introduce students to advanced topics in geology such as sedimentology, structural geology, plate tectonics, mineralogy and glacial geology through both classroom and field-based study. Class time will be devoted to detailed study through lectures, discussion, presentations, demonstrations and laboratory/field-based investigations that will reinforce concepts discussed in the  text.  While we investigate geologic phenomena from around the globes, we will focus on the geology of New England. Students will attend several field trips to view firsthand what we have learned about in class (including a weekend trip to the Maine coast).