Geology – Expectations


CCgeodinoEXPECTATIONS: My expectations for each of you this year in both the quality of work that you submit and the manner that you conduct yourselves on a personal level in this classroom are very high. Each of you should bring to every class an open mind, respect of your peers and their views, a willingness to question the unknown and investigate your interests, an eagerness to participate in class, and finally, a sense of humor and the expectation of yourselves to work hard and have fun.


TEXT: This semester we will be using an online textbook.  The textbook, called Earth’s Dynamic Systems, can be located at

    QUARTERLY EVALUATIONS: Quarterly grades will be based on the following
    Tests and Quizzes..................................50%
    Homework and Labs..............................40% 
    The final grade for the course will be comprised of the following First Quarter
    Grade.................................50% Second Quarter Grade............................50% 

        FINAL GRADE:
    The final grade for the course will be comprised of the following
    97-100 = A+ 93-96 = A 90-93 = A- 87-89 = B+ 83-86 = B 80-82 = B- 77-79 = C+ 73-76 = C 70-72 = C- 67-69 = D+ 63-66 = D 60-62
    = D- <60 = F

EXTRA HELP: I will be available for extra help each day before school from 7:00-7:30, after school and by appointment during a mutually free period. Please feel free to come by whenever you have questions or would like to discuss your progress in the class.

FIELD TRIPS: We will be taking several field trips for this course.  Some of the field trips will be local and could take place before school or during weekends. During field trips, all school rules apply and it is essential that everyone behaves appropriately and follows directions.  Failure to do so may result in removal from the course. The tentative date for the 2015 overnight trip is May 16th and 17th.

CELL PHONE POLICY: You may not have your cell phone out in the classroom.  Put it away and turn it off.  If the cell phone is out or goes off during class it will be taken away and kept until the end of the day.  The second offense will result in three-hour office detention.

NOTEBOOKS: Please obtain a standard three-ring binder for class. The binder should be separated into four sections: Classwork/Notes, Assignments, Homework, and Reviews. Notebooks will be collected once each quarter and graded.

MAKE-UP POLICY: Students missing class due to unexcused absences will not be extended an opportunity to hand work in late and will be given a zero for all work due that day (this includes tests). Any unexcused absences will exclude you from co-curricular activities that day.

Students missing class with excused absences are responsible for finding out what they missed, obtaining notes and making up work. Homework, lab reports, and science articles are due the class following the excused absence, after which they will be deemed late.

Late homework and lab reports will only be accepted for 1 week, but will be reduced by 10% for each day late.

Missed tests must be made up within 1 week of your return. It is your responsibility to arrange a time to take the test. After 1 week tests may not be made up.

TARDINESS: Students are expected to arrive to class on time and be prepared to participate. Students should bring with them a pen or pencil, textbook, and a notebook.

SUBSTITUTES: When I am absent from class I expect that you will conduct yourself in the same manner as I expect you to behave when I am here.