Planet Earth Course Website


Iceland Summer Trip – 2015

Welcome to the CCHS Planet Earth Website.  Planet Earth is a dynamic science that is happening outside right now!  In the classroom, we will build a language and a process for understanding and appreciating the world around us.  We will develop knowledge together through classroom lectures, exploration projects, and experiments.  At home we expect you to support your learning through careful completion of assignments, review of class notes, and thoughtful reflection on how what you have learned applies to situations you experience in your daily lives.

There are two introductory Planet Earth science courses, Honors (H) and College Prep (CP) taught by Mr. Block, Mr. Pavlik, Ms. Ruggiero, Mrs. Thompson, and Mr. Brown who are all committed to your success.  Additionally, there are four advanced courses offered, AP Environmental Science, Geology, Meteorology and Astronomy. Links for the courses and the teachers appear here and on the menu bar to the left.  The course pages are shared amongst teachers and have your homework calendars, course documents, class expectations, and other resources.  Teacher pages have contact information & schedules, as well as any content unique to your teacher’s classes.  We hope that both parents and students will use these resources and will reach out to us if questions or need for further guidance arises.