Welcome to CP CHEM!

KeepCalmChemCollege Prep Chem at CCHS is designed to challenge the college bound student and promote critical thinking, analysis, and group discussion. The fundamental idea of chemistry will be approached through an emphasis on practical applications through lab work, demonstrations and models. Quantitative analysis and problem solving will require students to have a working knowledge of Algebra and may challenge students with weaker math skills to seek out extra help. Students are expected to actively participate in class, lab and online, working together cooperatively with a high degree of respect for each other.  Students who work hard and apply themselves will have a rewarding and enjoyable experience in science this year.

Students can find resources on College Prep Chem Google Site  and through the Google Classroom. Google Classroom requires the student to be logged into their school Google account.

Important online tools:






 Important in class materials:

Scientific Calculator (Graphing Calcs not allowed)

3 Ring Binder - 2 inches recommended


College Ruled Paper

Pencil (preferred) or Pen (regular blue or black ink)