Nature Club

Foraging, nature walks, nature crafts, plant and animal identification, nature journaling and sketching and more! Join Nature Club to explore the natural world. Engage in nature walks and foraging for herbs, nuts and berries in the fall and spring. Identify mushrooms, bird songs, insects, animal tracks. Enjoy mulled cider and apples in the fall, peppermint tea and citrus fruits for snacks in the winter, fresh spring “weeds” found in fields as tea in the spring. In the winter, we do nature crafts. Make herbal teas, lip balm, evergreen needle baskets, sun dials made of twigs, sunlight cyanotype paintings, natural dyes and inks. A lot more too – we welcome your interests and input! We have snacks, discussions, crafting and walks. Enjoy the natural world with Nature Club and make friends with others with similar interests!