Add a Printer

Over the past week, most of the printers have been moved, renamed, and reconfigured. You can easily add a printer by following the steps below. If you have added a printer, but are having trouble, this troubleshooting guide may help you resolve your problems.

Step 1: Navigate to Apple > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners

Step 2: Delete printers from old high school.
This will make things easier for you to navigate! Highlight the printer and click the – sign on the bottom left. Do this for all printers from old CCHS.

Printers 1

Step 3: Add printers.
Click the + sign on the bottom left. You will now see all printers in the new high school. They are named by their room number (location) and then the model type. If you are not certain which printer you would like to add, a large tag on the front of the printer tells you that printer’s name. Highlight a printer, and click the Add button at the bottom of the dialog box. Wait about 30 seconds, and the computer will communicate with the printer, and you can click Add again. Add as many printers as you would like to.

  • Do: Feel free to select a printer as your default on the bottom right once added.
  • Don’t: Click the box next to Share this printer on the network. This is an old fashioned way to connect printers, before they had hardware installed to connect themselves. It creates a lot of extra clutter in the printer lists, and creates printers that aren’t available unless the device is logged into.

Tip: This easy way of adding printers works very well for basic print tasks. If you are interested in using more sophisticated features of a couple of new printer models, you may want to consider going an extra step. A post will soon follow with directions for installing drivers for these new printers, letting you take advantage of some of their more sophisticated features.