Tab Scissors & Tab Glue

March 26, 2017 | Instructional Technology

Do you ever find yourself comparing information located on two tabs in your browser?   Tab Scissors & Tab Glue is the one click solution! These tools are far more efficient than clicking back and forth between tabs (and potentially forgetting if you are me!), or manually resizing browser windows, which takes time. A few reasons this functionality comes in handy: You have a document to grade with a corresponding Rubric Student grades in Google Classroom (or other electronic format) need to be entered into Aspen A long list of dates in an email that need to be entered in your


Terry’s Tech Tips

January 19, 2017 | Instructional Technology

Introducing the CCHS Teacher Tech Blog!       This blog is designed to provide teachers with tools and information to help them work with students efficiently and effectively.  For the inaugural post, I want to define the different ways extras and add-ons can be used with the Google Apps for Education Suite to make your life more efficient.  Future posts will cover individual extras and add-ons more specifically, and why you may want to use them! Google offers the following options: Google Apps Apps like Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Classroom are full featured applications designed to replace productivity