“Concord Stories” podcast with Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom

In preparation for the April 19, 2025 Concord250 celebration Jim Sherblom has researched and written 400 years of Concord stories which will appear in a book planned to be published in late 2024.  Between November 2023 and March 2025 he plans to release 32 episodes of “Concord Stories” in a podcast that tells the best of these Concord stories.  Jim would like to offer two opportunities for CCHS students to participate in this project:
1) Cohost: The podcast medium often works best in a question and answer format.  If you have an engaging speaking voice and a love of Concord stories you might want to co-host some or all of these podcasts with Jim.  Each podcast will require about an hour to produce at the studio at CCHS at 2:30 pm Mondays…
2) Editor/Producer: Tory Wesnofske has offered to teach a CCHS student how to professionally edit, upload, and produce a podcast which would typically require about an hour, at a time of your choosing, later during the week each podcast is recorded.
One CCHS student could provide both roles or they could be split between students or even between school years.  If you have an interest we can adapt to fit your needs.  contact: Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom at jimsherblom@gmail.com