Put out Flyers for The Umbrella Community Arts Center

What: Put out flyers for The Umbrella’s programs. You can do this with a friend. I need the friend’s  full name and email address.

When:  2 + hours at your convenience. We put out flyers one time a month. Be on our list to be notified when we have flyers ready. You do not need to do every time. You decide when I send out an email if you want to put up flyers for that date.

Where to pick up flyers: Pick up flyers at 40 Stow Street in the lobby.

More details to follow.

We want to get the word out about our programs.  We have a list for you to follow and the cooperation of the stores. Walk or ride around and help promote our wonderful offerings. Please send me your choice of location.

Number of volunteers:  One or two volunteers for each location.

Interested? Questions? Contact: Kathy Warren, Volunteer Coordinator, at kathy@theumbrellaarts.org

 Please specify your choice of location.

Concord Center and Depot area and West Concord

Walk or ride around and help promote our wonderful events and classesWe asked how people found out about events and programs at The Umbrella. The majority said by flyers. Know that your help is so important for us.

Be on our list and we will notify you when flyers will go out. No obligation to accept any one flyer “run.”