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Teach Our Youth Science Club (TOYS at CCHS)
Agency Name: TOYS at CCHS
Commitment: Whenever you can - for example, if you can't come during the winter because of a winter sport, that is ok - come in the fall, and then start coming again in the spring!

This is a club for high school students who are interested in working with elementary school students on fun, hands-on science activities. Straw rockets, oobleck, dry ice experiements, electricl circuits and egg drop engineering are just some examples of the activities we have designed and carried out in the past year. It’s a fun way to earn community service credits.

Days/Times Needed: We meet every other week at 2:30pm on Wednesdays in room 441, for about 45 min. to plan a new science lesson. Then, on the other weeks, we meet at 3:30pm (same day and location) to then travel to either the Harvey Wheeler Center in West Concord, or to the Hunt Gym, and we do the activity that we planned the previous week.
Additional Information: Contact Ms. Benson to find out if the week you are joining is a 2:30 pm planning week or a 3:30pm field trip week.
Contact: Jennifer Benson
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