Andy Marton – Math

September 15, 2017 | Teacher Tuesday

Why did you decide to teach Math? Simply put, I love math. And I want to share that with my students. I also have a history degree, so I’m flexible, but I’m thrilled to be teaching math. How would you summarize your teaching philosophy? My teaching is centered on helping students learn to think deeply and explore, rather than memorize formulas. I want to give them the tools they need, and encourage them as they find creative solutions to the problems I assign them. You are new to the teaching profession. Why did you become a teacher? I’m passionate about


Iolanda Volpe – World Languages

September 9, 2017 | Teacher Tuesday, Uncategorized

Climbing Machu Picchu with Global Student Leadership Summit. 2017 What is your favorite part of your job? Getting to know students as individuals and watching them grow as learners! Other aspects of teaching that I find very rewarding include visiting classrooms and witnessing the interactions between my colleagues and their students as they learn about modern and ancient cultures and communicate using the target language. In addition, hearing students greet me in Spanish throughout the building or in Concord center is always a great reminder of why I love what I do.  I feel very fortunate to work with CCHS


Tracie Dunn, Rivers & Revolution

September 4, 2017 | Teacher Tuesday

  What is your favorite part of your job? Relationships! My favorite part of teaching is connecting with students through art and creative hands-on making and learning. Everyday I laugh and hear laughter, and sometimes there are tears. I value education that encourages the whole person to show-up for the experience of learning. Relationships built in the classroom affirm that learning can be joyful and powerful when it is a shared and communal endeavor. How would you summarize your teaching philosophy? My instructional practices teaching art aim to encourage positive interpersonal experiences and substantial learning opportunities through the process of


Joe Bodenrader, Social Studies

August 27, 2017 | Teacher Tuesday, Uncategorized

What is your favorite part of your job? The students! I know that sounds cliche, but the students at CC are fantastic. They come to class ready to learn, they ask great questions, they share their ideas in class discussions, etc. This makes my job a lot easier, and a lot of fun. Students at CC are also extremely appreciative of their teachers. I never remember saying “thank you” to my high school teachers as I left their classrooms, but being on the other side, it sure is nice. Having great conversations about Psychology all morning and afternoon with such


In Sync with the Google Drive App

April 30, 2017 | Instructional Technology

Have you recently moved files from the Network server to Google Drive for storage?  Do you still have files on your computer desktop or documents folder that are at risk of being lost in the event of a computer hardware failure? Google Drive provides us with creation tools (native apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides), storage, and backup.   Non-native files (like flipcharts and Word documents) require some consideration when adding them to Google Drive.  You can choose to: transform the files into native Google apps format (Docs, Slides, or Sheets) keep the files in their current format If you didn’t


PollEverywhere Add-on in Google Slides – an easy way to pose questions!

April 9, 2017 | Instructional Technology

As educators, we all know how important questions can be to student learning and class discussion! Our own Kate Fleming has found an easy and fun way to incorporate questions (or formative assessments) using Google Slides along with a Slides add-on called PollEverywhere.  (Some of you may have used PollEverywhere’s website in the past!)How PollEverywhere WorksAfter you create a PollEverywhere account and get the PollEverywhere Google Slides Add-on (directions to follow for both), click the PollEverywhere menu now located on your Slide top menu bar.  You can: log into your account start a new Poll, or use one you have already created


Tab Scissors & Tab Glue

March 26, 2017 | Instructional Technology

Do you ever find yourself comparing information located on two tabs in your browser?   Tab Scissors & Tab Glue is the one click solution! These tools are far more efficient than clicking back and forth between tabs (and potentially forgetting if you are me!), or manually resizing browser windows, which takes time. A few reasons this functionality comes in handy: You have a document to grade with a corresponding Rubric Student grades in Google Classroom (or other electronic format) need to be entered into Aspen A long list of dates in an email that need to be entered in your


Terry’s Tech Tips

January 19, 2017 | Instructional Technology

Introducing the CCHS Teacher Tech Blog!       This blog is designed to provide teachers with tools and information to help them work with students efficiently and effectively.  For the inaugural post, I want to define the different ways extras and add-ons can be used with the Google Apps for Education Suite to make your life more efficient.  Future posts will cover individual extras and add-ons more specifically, and why you may want to use them! Google offers the following options: Google Apps Apps like Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Classroom are full featured applications designed to replace productivity