Anthony Beckwith – Math & Computer Science


Coding Club

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love to research and come up with new ideas that I think will get students excited about the topic they are studying. Especially in teaching coding, I enjoy the moments when a student discovers a new approach or process or idea that they’ve figured out how to apply to a project of theirs and want to share it with me and perhaps teach me something new! This generates a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Why did you decide to teach math & computer science?

I was a Math major in college and a few years after graduation, fell into teaching through substitute teaching in the Boston Public Schools. Even though it was just substitute teaching, I immediately realized that I loved working in high schools. I then worked and went part time to get my Masters in Education. In terms of coding, starting from when I was very young I was always interested in looking at the mechanics that underlie how things work – especially electronics. This lead to electrical engineering and lots of computer science study in high school and college.

What extracurricular activities are you involved with at CC?

I am the advisor for the Ultimate Frisbee Club, but the real work is done by the coach. I also run the Coding Club and have a somewhat more informal Math Club, where we share mathematical ideas that are nontraditional topics not usually covered in a high school math curriculum.

What has been your biggest surprise at CC?

When I started teaching, I thought I was “pretty good ” at it and had an approach that came naturally to me. Now in my 22nd year, I realize that I learn new things every year and there are always new ideas to try out and new ways to understand how students learn.

What is a piece of advice you have for students at CC?

To really enjoy your classes, always try to find the fascinating parts of what’s being taught and try yourself to make connections and come up with analogies for how what you’re learning can be compared to other disciplines or aspects of your life.