The Magic of Google Forms: A Tool with Many Uses

A lot of teachers have been asking me about Google Forms recently.  This doesn't surprise me - Google Forms can do a lot of different things when working with students!

You can use Google Forms as:

  • an exit ticket from class (students say what they learned, whether they were prepared, or what would have made the lesson more effective)
  • a formative assessment tool
  • a way to gather student ideas and feedback
  • a spark for class discussion
  • an easy way to gather contact information (including parent info) for clubs and sports teams
  • a quiz, either fully or partially self-graded

To create a Google Form, while in your Drive click New>More>Google Forms.

Google Forms offers the following question types:

Interested in learning more?  Check out Google Help, or consider signing up for one of the 3 courses being offered in the next few weeks:

The Magic of Google Forms:  A Tool For Many Uses

A quick overview of the basics of working with Google Forms.  We will cover creating forms, adding questions, different question types, sending respondents to different sets of questions based on their responses, sharing the form with respondents, working with collaborators, and using the Google Analytics tools to analyze your data.   Earn 1 PDP.

Using Google Forms as Quizzes

This course will assume a working knowledge using Google Forms, and will focus specifically on how to make quizzes for students.  Google Forms as Quizzes can be set to self-grade for multiple choice questions.  We will also explore an add-on called Flubaroo for grading mixed quizzes (some multiple choice, some short answer, fill in the blank, etc.).  We will also demonstrate how to deliver the Quiz through Google Classroom.  If you don't have much experience with Google Forms, I would recommend you enroll in The Magic of Google Forms first!  Earn 1 PDP.

Using Google Forms with Clubs and Sports Teams

It is easy to communicate with students and parents when they are in your class, but much harder to gather contact information (and other important info) and communicate when you are a club advisor or coach.  Enroll in this class to learn how to use Google Forms to create contact information, and an add-on called Form Mule to easily send email updates!  This course assumes a working knowledge using Google Forms.  If you haven't used Forms often, I would recommend you enroll in The Magic of Google Forms first!   Earn 1 PDP.

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