COURSES Offered:

732:    Introduction to Computing and Coding – NEW!

732:    Introduction to Coding with Python

732A: Advanced Python Programming

733:    Introduction to Java Programming

733A: Advanced Java Programming

735:   Web Development with JavaScript

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Examples of CCHS students’ work in Java and Python

(partial code snippets included for each):

“J’s World”

Written in HTML and CSS by Jasmine Cheung (class of 2021)

(assignment: create a website conveying your personal interests)

“Map Generator”

Written in Java with Processing by Aidan Edmonson (class of 2021)

(generates random realistic land/sea maps)

“Game Suite”

Written in Python by Avani Rebbi (class of 2023)


Written in HTML and CSS by Thomas Sutter (class of 2019)

(assignment: create a website conveying your personal interests)


Written in Python by Jack Scheffel (class of 2021)


Written in Python by Ben Bloomgren (class of 2019)

“Who is Rudy?”

Written in HTML & CSS by Rudy Ma (class of 2021)

(assignment: create a website conveying your personal interests)

“Particle-Word It!”

Written in Java by Will Rye (class of 2022)

“Over the (Desk)Top”

Written in Java by Griffin Evans (class of 2019)


Takes a picture of the desktop and alters it, pixel-by-pixel

Written in Java by Griffin Evans (class of 2019)

“Get ‘Em!”

Written in Python by Aidan Ih (class of 2020)


Written in Python by Heather Szczesniak (class of 2020)

  • Gives the user a writing prompt – while they write their story, words or alliteration challenges come across the screen.
  • Points are also based on word length, typing speed, and number of characters.
  • A dictionary button allows the user to easily look up words that come across the screen.
  • This app should be used as a warm-up before writing to get ideas flowing.

“Congress Dots”

(data taken live from wikipedia & 538.com on congressmen – displays data on selected member)

Written in Java by Mariya Shtiliyanova (class of 2018)

“Text Generator”

(loads texts of books and generates paragraphs based on words from the book)

Written in Java by Sophia Hubscher (class of 2021)

“Tower Defense”

Written in Java by Jason Chadwick (class of 2017)

“Loop de Loop”

Written in Python by Amos Decker (class of 2019)


(simulates movement of students at end of class to exits)

Written in Python by Charlotte Walker (class of 2019)

“Estranged Orbits” – collaboration with Thomas Pendock (class of 2018)

(mathematical formulas with randomness produces movement)

Written in Python:

“Apollonian Jewels”

Written in Java:

“Gem Star”

Written in Python by Blake Wesel (class of 2018)

“Linear Rotation”

Written by Thomas Pendock (class of 2018) in Java:

“Swing Thing”

Written in Java by Peter Hart (class of 2017)


Collaboration in Python with Hugo Zhang (class of 2019)

“Branching Symmetry”

Written in Python by Thomas Pendock (class of 2018)

“Four Score and Seven Years…”

Written in Python by Mariya Shtiliyanova (class of 2018)



“12000 Circles”

(thousands of circles drawn based on trigonometric formulas)

Written in Java

Instructor: Anthony Beckwith

Concord Carlisle High School

Mathematics Dept.
500 Walden Street
Concord, MA  01742

(978) 341-2915  x 7416