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Clubs and Organizations

Academic Bowl

Time: Tuesdays @ 2:15-4:15PM
Location: CCHS Library 247
Faculty Advisor: Todd Sawyer

The Academic Bowl is a club that meets regularly to practice and prepare for Quiz Bowl tournaments with other schools. The Quiz Bowl is a game that tests players on a wide range of subjects including history, literature, science, math, art, current events, sports, and popular culture.

American Red Cross Club

Time: Mondays at 2:20 PM
Location: RM 305
Student Rep: Kasey Stewart
Faculty Advisor: Andrea Gillis

The American Red Cross Club invites all students to join and help those in need. During our weekly meetings, we plan community service projects, fundraisers, and yearly blood drives to benefit people in our community and beyond. From collecting supplies to send to troops overseas, to making Holiday cards for our local veterans, our clubs goal is to help people in need of ARC support.

Art Club

Time: Thursdays @ 2:15-3:30 PM
Location: RM 253
Faculty Advisor: Joe Pickman

Open Studio for students of all abilities to create self-directed or group paintings and drawings.

Birthday Wishes Club

Time: Monday (every other week) 2:30 PM
Location: Room 334
Student Rep: Kerri Prinos
Faculty Advisor: Linda Vice-Hisey

Birthday Wishes is an organization, founded in 2002, that provides birthday parties for homeless children. It serves children ages 1-17 years old in over 200 family shelters and transitional living facilities in MA, RI and Long Island, NY.

As a new chapter, we will support the mission of Birthday Wishes: To provide birthday parties for homeless children. The club’s goals are to raise $450 through fundraisers (eg. birthday-themed bake sales) and to sponsor a gift collection drive at CCHS. Club meetings and fundraisers will count toward students’ community service hours!


Time: 2:30 PM
Location: Library
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

BookPALS visits an urban elementary school three times during the year. Students share books and snacks with a “buddy”, and every visit includes a follow up letter.

CC Weather Services

Time: TBD
Location: RM 401
Student Rep: Matthew Murphy 2017
Faculty Advisor: Theresa Ruggiero/Stephen Lane

We make it rain.

CCHS Capital Club

Time: Tuesday 7:00 a.m.
Location: RM 242 Learning Commons
Student Rep: Cooper Rick 2018, Aaron Wang 2018
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

Club meets to develop skills in finance investment.

CCHS Film Club

Time: Fridays @ 2:30-5:00PM
Location: RM 318
Faculty Advisor: Robert Wilder

Film Club watches films selected by the club president, enjoys refreshments and each others company, and sometimes follows them up with conversation on the themes and scenes seen.

CCHS Outdoor Club

Time: TBD
Location: RM 412
Faculty Advisor: Michael Lonergan

The CCHS Outdoors Club is a student oriented club that focuses on outdoor activities. One of the club’s main goals is to get out and explore the New England area. Past experiences have included hiking, geocaching, white water rafting, and ice climbing. The club is looking for new ideas, and hoping to incorporate a possible dog sledding experience and snow shoeing, to name a few.

There is no commitment to this club. The idea is to invite students to join us on our adventures, if they are available. We are always looking for new adventurers and new ideas.

CCHS Sports Science Club

Time: Fridays, 2:20 PM - 2:50 PM
Location: RM 431
Student Rep: JC Mueller
Faculty Advisor: Joe Van Gelder

At CCHS Sports Science Club, we learn the science behind sports. So much of our student body are involved in athletics, and are interested on how they work scientifically. From how NBA players jump so high to ripping an 80 mile per hour shot, we will learn the physics, anatomy, and other sciences of common movements and skills involved in common sports such as soccer, hockey, lacrosse, football, volleyball, and more. The meetings will be Friday after school, so you can kick back and learn about Sport Science.


Time: 6:35 AM, See website for dates
Location: Room 104
Faculty Advisor: John Yered

We practice the Chinese energy arts of tai ji and qi qong, a more than 2000-year-old system that is both a health-oriented exercise practice and a powerful internal martial art. Our emphasis is on deep relaxation, improved balance, and enhanced focus. Meeting at the early hour of 6:35AM, we are a group of dedicated and increasingly calm individuals.

Chicken Scratch (Writing Club)

Time: Mondays @ 2:30-3:30 PM
Location: Yellow Breakout Space
Faculty Advisor: Bee Loprete

Read and critique students writing together. Do fun writing activities. Sometimes publish an anthology of student work.

Class Government 2017

Time: Thursdays @ 6:30 PM
Location: RM 401
Faculty Advisor: Ray Pavlik/Hanna Bruno

As representatives of our respective classes and of Concord-Carlisle Regional High School as a whole, Class Government is dedicated to:

  • Remaining an approachable and open-minded resource for all students
  • Facilitating spirit and enthusiasm in the school body through interclass collaboration
  • Encouraging student involvement, cohesion, and support of one another
  • Building and strengthening respect and equality towards all
  • Creating a positive school experience to enhance student life
  • Contributing positively towards the greater community by giving back

While collaborating to achieve these goals, we will lead by example, working to fully represent our school and community to the best of our ability.

Class Government 2018

Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Faculty Advisor: Calie Yousha/Josh Reed

As representatives of our respective classes and of Concord-Carlisle Regional High School as a whole, Class Government is dedicated to:

  • Remaining an approachable and open-minded resource for all students
  • Facilitating spirit and enthusiasm in the school body through interclass collaboration
  • Encouraging student involvement, cohesion, and support of one another
  • Building and strengthening respect and equality towards all
  • Creating a positive school experience to enhance student life
  • Contributing positively towards the greater community by giving back

While collaborating to achieve these goals, we will lead by example, working to fully represent our school and community to the best of our ability.

Class Government 2019

Time: Thursdays @ 6:30 AM
Location: RM 401
Faculty Advisor: Andrea Gillis/Kevin Capone

As representatives of our respective classes and of Concord-Carlisle Regional High School as a whole, Class Government is dedicated to:

  • Remaining an approachable and open-minded resource for all students
  • Facilitating spirit and enthusiasm in the school body through interclass collaboration
  • Encouraging student involvement, cohesion, and support of one another
  • Building and strengthening respect and equality towards all
  • Creating a positive school experience to enhance student life
  • Contributing positively towards the greater community by giving back

While collaborating to achieve these goals, we will lead by example, working to fully represent our school and community to the best of our ability.

Concord-Carlisle Tennis Club (CCTC)

Time: Fall: Wednesdays (Rain Make-up Friday) 2:45-4:15pm
Location: CCHS Tennis Courts
Student Rep: Jacob Sabran
Faculty Advisor: Alex Spence

Concord Carlisle Tennis ClubThe CCTC promotes year-round tennis and fitness training for experienced and beginner players. Join the CCTC!


Visit the CCTC Website for details: http://www.cctcplay.com/.

Dance Crew

Time: Monday, Friday 2:30-4:30
Location: Black Box Theater
Student Rep: Sarah Fry
Faculty Advisor: Wendy Cahill

Dance Crew performs at Spirit Day and hosts CC Fights Back each winter. All levels welcome– no dance experience necessary!

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Time: Fridays @ 2:30
Location: Library RM 247 and RM 242
Student Rep: Tim Dillon 2018
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

Ongoing Dungeons & Dragons game.

Ecuador Exchange Program

Time: Thursdays @ 2:30 - 3:30 PM
Location: RM 351
Faculty Advisor: Eric Pohl/Wendy Cahill

• over 200 families and 15 teachers from Concord Carlisle High School and Colegio Ludoteca have participated since 2007.
• community service component
• ecotourism to the Galapagos Islands
• a reciprocal exchange; CCHS students host their exchange students for two weeks in February, and their Ecuadorian students host them for two weeks in April

Environmental Field Studies Club

Time: Fridays @ 2:30-3:45 9/4/15
Location: RM 436
Faculty Advisor: Priscilla Guiney/Nora Murphy

Fun, relaxing Fridays exploring nature through arts, literature, and science-based activities. Work with local experts on environmental projects and raise Blanding’s Turtles.

Food of the Times Club

Time: Fridays @ 6:00 PM
Location: Pathways Kitchen
Faculty Advisor: Patrick Savage

FOTT is a club where students come together to cook recipes featured in The New York Times magazine and eat! Beginners to restaurant chefs. Everyone is welcome!
Make sure to follow @foodofthetimes on Instagram to keep up with pictures and videos from the club’s latest projects.

Gender Equality Club

Time: Every other Wednesday 2:30 - 3:30 PM
Location: RM 316 (Rivers Room)
Student Rep: Madi Bode
Faculty Advisor: Ashley Anderson

Gender Equality Club facilitates discussions about issues of gender inequality both within our immediate community and the widespread global community. The club also works together to build awareness on this topic and organizers fundraisers and events to support various charities.

Girl Up

Time: Thursday 2:30-3:30
Location: Room 320
Student Rep: Krithi Tupil
Faculty Advisor: Agatha Wozniak

The Girl Up Club is an overarching club created by the United Nations that focuses on the deprivation of education for underprivileged girls in Africa and India. This club will be working on two major projects throughout the following year; fund raising and advocacy. Another major aspect of advocacy would be talking to Massachusetts legislators, to convince Congress to cosponsor Bills that could benefit these girls around the world.

Global Literacy Certificate

Time: Announced by Advisors
Location: Room 353
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Volpe, Ms. Washa

The Concord-Carlisle High School Global Literacy Certificate Program (GLC) will foster students’ global awareness, and, in so doing, provide CCHS graduates with the essential skills for participating in and contributing to an increasingly globalized society.

Green Team Environmental Club

Time: Wednesdays @ 2:30 PM
Location: RM 401
Faculty Advisor: Peter Nichol

The Green Team works on making CCHS more sustainable by supporting better choices/options for the school that are more environmentally sound. Examples of past projects: managing the trash/recycle system, identifying potential solar homes for the Concord Solar Challenge, pushing for a dishwasher in the new school, promoting bulk milk with glasses and composting in the cafeteria.

History Reading Group

Time: Fridays @ 2:15 PM
Location: RM 346
Faculty Advisor: Ethan Hoblitzelle

The group meets after school to discuss articles and books of interest to its members.

Humans of CCHS

Time: Wednesday at 2:30
Location: Room 341
Student Rep: Sophie Fisher 2018
Faculty Advisor: Chris Gauthier

Based off of Humans of New York, this club allows students to create, share, learn, and interact with the population of CCHS deeper than what is seen on the surface by interviewing people around the building. Jobs in this club include photography, interviewing, and coming up with questions.

Interact Club

Time: Every other Monday 2:15-2:45 pm, 3
Location: RM 320
Faculty Advisor: Agatha Wozniak

A community service club, sponsored by Rotary, that organizes activities and fundraisers in Concord, Carlisle, and Boston. Interact is very open to any ideas students bring to the table, including projects in foreign nations. Previous projects have included exclusive rights to screen documentaries as fundraisers, a drive to deliver school supplies to Cameroon, sorting/organizing with Cradles to Crayons, OpenTable, writing letters to US Soldiers and many more!

Japan Club

Time: Tuesdays @ 2:30 PM
Location: Library 242
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

For anyone interested in learning about Japanese culture, food and our relationship with our sister town and school, Nanae.

Japan sister-school relationship

Time: Varies
Location: Varies
Faculty Advisor: David Nurenberg

CCHS has maintained a sister-school relationship with Nanae High School in Nanae-cho, Hokkaido, Japan since the early 1990s. This relationship has manifested itself in joint projects, pen and email-pal exchanges, and bilateral trips to Japan (we go to Nanae every two years or so, and the Japanese kids and teachers come to Concord every year). All year round, every year, we plan and conduct events, fundraise, provide homestays, and more.

Junior State of America

Time: Mondays @ 5:00-6:00 PM
Location: RM 320
Student Rep: Josh Szczesniak
Faculty Advisor: Kimberly Magee

Visit our website: cchsjsa.weebly.com.  JSA is a political debate and discussion group run and organized entirely by students. JSA members gather each Monday to discuss timely and important local, national and international topics of their choice. At each meeting, students have an opportunity to offer their own opinions, hear the thoughts of others and become more informed local/national/global citizens. JSA is also part of a national organization divided into local chapters. Each local chapter belongs to a region. The region hosts conventions and activities for chapters within its boundaries. Each region also belongs to a larger state.  The state hosts three multi- day conventions during which students from around the state gather to debate, discuss, and learn from one another.

Magic Card Club

Time: Mondays @ 2:30 PM
Location: Library RM 247
Student Rep: Ryan Freundlich 2018
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

Magic Card Club.

Math Team

Time: Wednesdays @ 2:30-4:00 PM
Location: RM 423
Faculty Advisor: Aram Boornazian

For people who can’t get enough math.

Model U.N.

Time: Wednesdays 2:30-3:30 PM
Location: RM 340
Student Rep: Eleanor Mathias /Rosie Charnley /Jenna Wong
Faculty Advisor: Meredith Fischer

Model UN is a student-run discussion group for anyone interested in talking and learning about the latest international events. Each week, the officers start by presenting a pressing issue from a recent news article, then guide students through an engaging discussion about the problem at hand, possible solutions, and the US and UN’s roles in reaching a resolution. All are welcome – all that’s needed is curiosity about global events!

National Honor Society (NHS)

Time: None
Location: None
Faculty Advisor: Peter Atlas

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.
For a FAQ about CCHS’ Minuteman Chapter of the National Honor Society, visit http://www.circatrix.org/patlas/NHS/index.htm

Open Source: The CCHS Coding Club

Time: Monday, 2:15 PM
Location: RM 411
Student Rep: Josh Szczesniak
Faculty Advisor: Anthony Beckwith

The Coding Club gathers with a common interest in exploring complexity. Sometimes we discuss. Sometimes we plan for new activities. Sometimes we code. Sometimes we sign up for Hackathons. And, you know what? Sometimes we just meet to hang out: http://www.concordcarlisle.org/abeckwith/coding-club/

Pep Band

Time: Thursdays 7:00-9:00 PM
Location: RM 140
Faculty Advisor: David Gresko

Members of Pep Band support the football team in the stands at all home football games (4-6 games) and at the annual Thanksgiving Game (both home and away). The group also performs at the Crop Walk in Concord, usually held on a Sunday in mid-late October. Rehearsals are typically on Thursdays (7-9pm) and members of the Pep Band are required to be a member of a concert band class during the school day.

Reflections Magazine

Time: Mondays @ 2:30-3:30 PM
Location: RM 256
Student Rep: Erica Chin
Faculty Advisor: Greg Coan

Reflections is the school’s literary and arts magazine. We work together to collect and showcase student’s artwork and writing. Throughout the year, we host art and writing contests, and towards the end of the year, we release our big print edition!

Even if you can’t join, you can always submit to our contests and magazine. We are always looking for submissions of all kinds (art, writing, photography, etc…) which can be emailed or given to any of our members.

Robotics Club

Time: Daily at 2:30 PM
Location: RM 426
Student Rep: Jessica Chin
Faculty Advisor: Michael Hamblin

The CCHS Robotics club is a team that participates in the FRC Robotics league. During the competition season we operate much like a sports team For six weeks starting in early January we meet daily to design build and test a robot to compete in league meets. In March we participate in two separate competitions, each held over a period of three days.


During the off season the club meets once per week.

Sci-fi Club

Time: Wednesdays @ 2:20-3:00 PM
Location: RM 242
Student Rep: Alexander Evans 2017
Faculty Advisor: David Nurenberg

A home for all those who love scifi, fantasy, gaming, manga, anime, comics and general geekery. We have free pizza each week. Come on down!

Scrabble Club

Time: Mondays @ 2:30 PM
Location: Library RM 247B
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

For students who like to play Scrabble. Prior experience not necessary. This is a friendly group who welcome everyone.

Serious Repercussions Club

Time: Wednesdays 2:30-3:30 PM
Location: Performing Arts section on first floor
Faculty Advisor: Eric Pohl

Serious Repercussions is the CCHS drumming and percussion club. Students learn rhythms from different drumming traditions from around the world including West Africa, Cuba and Brazil. Serious Repercussions welcomes drummers of all abilities – no audition required. We perform at a variety of school and community events during the academic year. Serious Repercussions has an extensive collection of hand drums and percussion instruments.


Time: Thursdays @ 2:20-3:00 PM
Location: RM 337
Faculty Advisor: Ben Kendall/Bee Loprete

Spectrum is a club that welcomes all CCHS students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or status as a questioning person or ally. We promote interest in and tolerance of diversity, and work to support a positive and welcoming school climate for all. Our meetings provide support to members, and education about local, national and global trends in the area of GLBTQ rights.

Speech and Debate Club

Time: Thursdays @ 2:30
Location: Library RM 247
Student Rep: Andrew Wang 2017
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

Student-led group focused on participating in speech and debate competitions.

Student Senate

Time: Every other Monday @ Alternating 6:30AM OR 6:00PM
Location: RM 415
Faculty Advisor: Lauren Reese

All members of the school community should have a meaningful voice in determining the policies of the school, in promoting a positive school climate, and in shaping the future of the school. It is essential that each  member be kept informed through effective communications and have the power to influence decisions made at Concord-Carlisle High School. For this purpose the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School Senate is established.

Super Smash Bros. Club

Time: Thursday, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: LC RM 247
Student Rep: Albert Hsu
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

If you love having fun and hanging out with friends, then Super Smash Bros. Club is the place for you! Any amount of experience is enough to join. We usually have free play for Brawl, Project M, and Sm4sh, and also occasionally hold tournaments with fabulous prizes!

The CCHS Voice

Time: Mondays @ 2:15 PM
Location: Library RM 242
Faculty Advisor: Kate Lee-Dubon / Maia Raber

The Voice is the school newspaper. It is published online only. We cover school, local, national and international news, and always welcome new writers, reporters and photographers.

The Denis Cleary Moot Court Competition

Time: Second Semester - Time Varies
Location: RM 340
Faculty Advisor: Samantha Fox Morrow / Tracy Davies

Students enter this single elimination competition as a team of two. The teams are presented with a Supreme Court case that they will argue on the appointed date. After two teams face off, the winner moves on to the next round. The two teams that reach the final hearing argue before Massachusetts state judges.

The Far East Association

Time: Wednesdays 2:30-3:30 PM
Location: RM 303
Faculty Advisor: Bo Feng

The Far East Association (FEA) is a club that involves the exploration and celebration of multiple aspects of Asian culture; including cuisine, art, film and more. Every week we complete a project as a group in order to further explore and understand these aspects of Asian culture. Activities include making sushi, dumplings, Chinese paper-cutting, name seal carving, or pyrography.

The Pump Club: Weightlifting

Time: M, W, F at 2:30 PM
Location: Fitness Center
Student Rep: Tucker Delehy
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Reed

Get your pump on!

The Pump Club is a weightlifting club designed to help students achieve their individual fitness goals and increase personal gains. Meeting after school in the fitness center, members lift weights and work out. Weight lifting increases physical health, mental health, self-esteem, and academic achievement — a great club to participate in after school!

Theatre Tech

Time: Days vary, usually 2:30 to 5:00
Location: Blackbox (Rm 138) or Auditorium or Wood Shop
Student Rep: Sarah Alvey
Faculty Advisor: Carly Dwyer

We build the sets, run all the lighting and sound, make the props, find and create the costumes and do all the backstage jobs (run crew and board operators) for the 3 drama productions. All levels of interest and commitment welcome!

Thinker’s Agenda

Time: First Tuesday of every month starting March 7 from 5-6 P.M.
Location: Room 247
Student Rep: Ellen Su 2019
Faculty Advisor: Ingrid Sutter/Samantha Fox-Morrow

Provide resources and guidance necessary for students to take action towards issues they care about.

TOYS (Teach our Youth Science)

Time: Wednesdays @ 3:30-5:15PM
Location: Meet in RM 441 to carpool
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Benson

The Teach Our Youth Science, or TOYS club is a way for high school students to share their love of science with elementary school students! The members of this club design fun, hands-on science activities and then do these activities with K-2nd graders at an after school program once per week. These include fun things such as ooblek, mentos+soda, penny boat engineering, straw rockets, chromatography of ink, super-strong soap bubbles and more. TOYS club members earn community service credits too! If you like working with children and love science, this is a great club to get involved with.

Ultimate Frisbee

Time: Daily @ 2:45-4:45 PM
Location: Rideout Field
Faculty Advisor: Anthony Beckwith

Participants are part of the Ultimate Frisbee Team, playing local teams and in state-wide tournaments.

Unicef Club

Time: Thursdays @ 2:15-3:00 PM
Location: RM 348
Student Rep: Emma Walker 2017
Faculty Advisor: Rachel Washa

During club meetings students will learn about current issues going on in the world in which UNICEF is directly involved, as well as brainstorm future fundraising ideas. The goal is to educate, advocate, and fund raise for the UNICEF foundation.

W.E.E.Ds (Organic Garden Club)

Time: Thursdays @ 2:20
Location: RM 435
Student Rep: John Troast
Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Mahoney/Kathleen Rusilas

W.E.E.Ds is the organic gardening club.

WIQH Radio Station

Time: Monday-Friday
Location: RM 150 - Radio Station
Faculty Advisor: Ned Roos

WIQH is a full-fledged radio station broadcasting over the air on 88.3FM and streaming online at wiqh.org. The station normally broadcasts from the end of the school day until 9:00 p.m. weeknights and various hours on weekends.

Work Out Club

Time: Monday & Wednesday 2:30 - 3:00
Location: Sept to March: Room 248 (The Planning/Challenge Room) March to June: The Multi-purpose room
Faculty Advisor: Rachele Brown

30 minute workouts that include cardio, weights, and plyometrics. Bring light weights if you have them, water, a towel, and a yoga mat.

YA Galley

Time: Thursdays @ 2:15-3:15 PM
Location: Library RM 242
Student Rep: Lucy Manlick 2018
Faculty Advisor: Robin Cicchetti

Book reading and review club.

Yearbook (The Bridge)

Time: Wednesdays @ 2:30-3:30 PM
Location: RM 256
Faculty Advisor: Agatha Wozniak

Want to be a photographer with near unlimited access? Editor? Writer? Hang out with friends after school? Then this club is for you! Yearbook works to create a memorable end of year book for grades 9-12 through student and parent submissions. Photos can be uploaded to hjeshare.com code: bridge

Yoga Club

Time: Wednesday at2:15-3:15 PM
Location: Room 415
Student Rep: Jai-Anah Bennett
Faculty Advisor: Lauren Reese

We meet weekly after school to practice yoga.